Aula Desktop App

Aula's desktop app is currently in beta. This means you can download it and use it, but we don't support it fully at the moment.

Once downloaded, simply open the .zip file and add the Aula Desktop app to your applications folder and your dock. 👏

Once downloaded, double-click the downloaded file. The installation will begin, and the Aula app will automatically launch once installation is complete. 👏

Click the Open with button, and make sure Software Install (default) is selected in the drop-down menu. Click the Install button and if prompted, enter the password you use to sign in. 👏

In your Downloads folder, double-click the downloaded file. It will open the Ubuntu Software Center. Click the Install button. You may need to enter the password you use to log in to Ubuntu. 👏

Tell us what you think

All feedback is welcome and appreciated. Click the "?" icon in the app’s left menu or send us a message at 📝