how it works

How we turn education strategies into learning experiences

We combine easy-to-use technology with learning design capabilities. Where the LMS feels like a digital filing cabinet, Aula feels like a great digital class with community at the centre of the learning experience.


Conversation is central to the learning experience.

Active learning in every course

Transform passive learning experiences into collaborative discussions.

Accessed anywhere, any device

Our mobile-first approach means students can access Aula flexibly.
Learning design

Transform every course

It’s not easy to design and deliver a life-changing learning experience, which is why our team does the hard work for you.

Aula doesn't simply enable digital learning. We partner with academics to design high quality learning experiences and scaffold their shift to blended or fully online delivery.



of academics say that using the Aula platform has positively changed their teaching and learning approaches
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“Aula is simple for our academic staff to use and helps us recreate the feel of face-to-face teaching, to strengthen students’ learning communities.”
Andrew Turner
Associate Pro Vice Chancellor (Teaching & Learning)

Build community into every course

Without a sense of belonging and connection to their peers and professors, students are more likely to drop out.
The Aula platform puts community at the heart of the learning experience, ensuring you are never more than one click away from another person.



of students say Aula helps them feel connected to their learning community, compared to 43% JISC benchmark
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Active learning

Say goodbye to passive learning experiences

Learning is about more than just memorising facts. Give students a learning experience with lessons that last a lifetime.

Active learning is woven into the fabric of every course on the Aula platform. We transform passive learning experiences into those in which students co-create, collaborate, question, and discuss.



of interactions in Aula are made by students
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Hybrid delivery on any device

Today, learning can happen anywhere.

Our design principles build flexibility into the platform, enabling truly hybrid delivery so you can deliver fully online or face-to-face. Because Aula is mobile-first, you know that students can access their learning community on any device.



of all Aula interactions happen on mobile, compared to 20% for Canvas (UCF, 2018)
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"I used to use a variety of methods to communicate with students. Now I just use Aula, and I save about an hour a day."
Emily Stevens
Associate Senior Lecturer

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