We turn education strategies into learning experiences.

Impact starts with implementation

We know that moving from vision to reality takes capacity. Aula’s implementation is all about adding that extra capacity on an ongoing basis, without billing anything extra to deliver the partnership outcomes.

The capacity to shift culture

We provide the extra capacity to shift culture to align with your vision. This means working hand in hand with your academics on whatever is needed. From evidence-informed pedagogy and digital capabilities training to data-driven proactive nudges to increase student engagement.

Move off your LMS

We provide the extra capacity needed to move your institution off your learning management system. This means extra power on project management and IT integrations through to educator workshops, content migration, and student inductions.


After confirming a strategic fit, the price of Phase 1 is £7,500.
After Phase 1 the price is £2 per student per month.

Aula always includes full support and integrations with your institution’s existing digital solutions.

Meet Paul Haley

Paul is Director of Implementation at Aula. Previously Head of Information Systems at the British Library as well as Director of Information Technology at the University of Aberdeen and CIO at City University London, Paul works with the rest of the Aula team to understand the needs of our partner institutions.

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