A communication platform for education.

Replacing emails and learning management systems.


Aula consists of spaces. A space can be a class, a programme, the library or any other community. Each space consists of two parts: Feed and Material.


Feed is the beating heart of a space where everyone can share content, ask questions and make announcements.

This is where students can help each other with a problem set or where educators post announcements.


Material is for educators to organise the learning content for the space.

Like an intelligent Google Doc, it brings together everything you need: from YouTube videos and embedded feedback forms to formative assessment.

Direct Messages

Message everyone within your institution, individually or in groups.

Goodbye emails πŸ‘‹

An ecosystem of integrations.

Powered by everything from Padlet and Github to Turnitin, Office 365 and the G Suite.

Goodbye LMS πŸ‘‹Β 

Administrative scalability.

Analytics πŸ“Š
Integration management πŸŽ›
Data browser πŸ”Ž
In-app support πŸ™Œ

In short, it doesn’t matter if your institution has 200 or 200,000 students.