A social learning platform.

A shared space means better communication.

Connect with students to enjoy discussions, share inspiration, and make sure everyone is engaged in their program.

With a dedicated space to each class, Aula enables you to build active learning communities.

A connected and collaborating institution.

With the whole campus at your fingertips, collaboration, interdisciplinary and cross-departmental work have never been easier.

With direct messages and real time collaboration tools, Aula allows everyone to stay connected - like on a digital campus.

Giving students the digital skills they need.

Use top industry software to prepare students for the digital work place. Give faculty the best tools to support teaching and assessment.

From Padlet and Github to Turnitin, Office 365 and the G Suite, Aula seamlessly integrates the software your institution needs.

Making administration easy and scalable.

📊Analytics engine
🎛Administrative dashboard
🔎Integration with student record system
🙌 24/7 support

In short, it doesn’t matter if your institution has 200 or 200,000 students - our backend is fully scalable.

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