Aula is an institution's digital campus.

Creating active learning communities centred around stimulating conversations.

Digital infrastructure should encourage participation, not file-storage...
Yes we’re looking at you, LMS. 👀

Education should not be a one-way street: student participation is crucial for learning and fostering community. We believe conversation should be the foundation for digital infrastructure. Read our thesis on why learning management systems have failed.

Aula enables participation by connecting students, educators and staff. Like a ‘digital building'.

When students want to get in touch with a classmate, a librarian, a researcher or their educator, they are never more than one click away.
Aula connects the dots whether you have 1, 2, or 100 physical campuses - or none at all.

It all comes down to less friction, more conversations.

Aula is the interface to connect them all: it lets you bring in the tools you already use. A simple interface, familiar from everyday communication platforms used outside of education, means minimal friction.