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Engagement → community → completion

Using a simple, intuitive interface, Aula is a space for learning together, for sharing what we learn, and for building communities of educators and students.

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The results speak for themselves


more Daily Active Users compared to existing LMS.

"I save an hour a day"

Emily Stevens, Associate Senior Lecturer

Shrink your inbox, shorten feedback loops, and never answer the same question twice.

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A partnership with evidence-based impact

We believe that culture eats technology for breakfast: the challenge when it comes to technology isn’t finding good tools but ensuring that they’re adopted well by everyone.

Our learning intelligence team partners with universities, supporting each academic in transforming course content and harnessing behavior data to drive engagement.

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“We work with Aula for two reasons: because the platform helps us get a closer connection to our students and because of the team - the energy and motivation they are bringing to the project at BCU is fantastic.”

Clare Mackie

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Birmingham City University

“We’ve seen immediate benefits from moving students from [our LMS] to Aula. Aula is easy to use and helps students get support and feel part of a community.”

Dr Gary Pritchard

Dean of the School of Media
Ravensbourne University London

"I used to use a variety of methods to communicate with students. Now I just use Aula, and I save about an hour a day."

Emily Stevens

Associate Sr. Lecturer
Ravensbourne University London

“After working in HE for almost 6 years, the effect of suddenly switching to Aula makes me feel like Popeye after chugging a tin of spinach. As a busy educator with very little admin time, Aula's ease of use enables me to rapidly convey information, collate course materials and encourage a variety of student engagement.”

Josh Fortune

Associate Sr. Lecturer
Ravensbourne University London

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