Education starts with conversation.

Aula is a communication platform for education. We bring engagement to the core of the digital student experience by replacing learning management systems.

“We work with Aula for two reasons: because the platform helps us get a closer connection to our students and because of the team - the energy and motivation they are bringing to the project at BCU is fantastic.”

Clare Mackie

Deputy Vice-Chancellor
Birmingham City University

“We’ve seen immediate benefits from moving students from [our LMS] to Aula. Aula is easy to use and helps students get support and feel part of a community.”

Dr Gary Pritchard

Dean of the School of Media
Ravensbourne University London

"I used to use a variety of methods to communicate with students. Now I just use Aula, and I save about an hour a day."

Emily Stevens

Associate Sr. Lecturer
Ravensbourne University London

“After working in HE for almost 6 years, the effect of suddenly switching to Aula makes me feel like Popeye after chugging a tin of spinach.”

Josh Fortune

Associate Sr. Lecturer
Ravensbourne University London